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2G Networks in Australia are being switched off. Yomojo’s carrier, Optus, is switching exclusively to 3G and 4G and from the 1st August 2017, is shutting down its 2G network in QLD, VIC, NSW, SA and ACT. The switch-off has already taken effect in WA and NT earlier this year.

  • What will happen then?

    With the switch, you will have access to faster and reliable phone coverage Australia-wide. However, it also means that if you are still using a 2G device after the 1 August switch off, you will lose reception. Some older 3G devices will also be impacted.

  • To continue to enjoy Yomojo services follow two simple steps:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the 2G network being shut down?

2G network coverage across Australia is being shut down by service providers to convert to more efficient 3G/4G technologies that offer faster speeds, wider and more reliable connectivity.

Will I lose my Yomojo credit because of the shutdown?

No. However, if you don’t upgrade your device, your service will stop working. To avoid such interruptions, replace your 2G/3G single band device with a 3G/4G device as soon as possible.

Your Yomojo account itself is not impacted, and your SIM will still work in a 3G dual band or 4G device. However, your new device may require a different SIM size, so you’ll need order a new SIM by email at online via chat at, or on the phone at 1300 YOMOJO (1300 966 656).

Do I need a new Yomojo SIM?

Your Yomojo account won’t be affected by the network change, so you can still use the same Yomojo SIM if your new device uses the same SIM size as your previous device. Otherwise, order a new SIM by at online via chat at, or on the phone at 1300 YOMOJO (1300 966 656).

If I replace my SIM can I keep my existing number?

Yes, when you replace your SIM, you’ll get to keep your existing number, data and credit.

When is this happening?

The Optus 2G network closure is scheduled to take place over the following dates:

State 2G closure dates
WA & NT 3 April 2017
QLD, VIC, NSW, SA & ACT 1 August 2017

How will a 3G/4G device improve my mobile experience?

Because they’re data-ready, 3G and 4G devices allow you to go online anytime, anywhere. Plus, with a 4G device you have access to the super-fast Optus 4G Plus network.

What is the 2G network?

Introduced in 1993 and one of Australia’s first mobile networks, the 2G (second generation) network is based on the technology known as global system for mobile communication (GSM). Most older devices are 2G or 3G single band, whilst newer ones are 3G dual band or 4G.

What is 3G single band?

3G single band lets you use data. The Optus 3G single band service refers to 3G 2100MHz coverage. You will require a 3G 2100MHz compatible device to access the 3G single band coverage. Outside the 3G single band area, your service switches over to the 2G network which requires a device capable of accessing GSM 900MHz. When within a 3G single band coverage area, your data session may also access the GSM/GPRS network.

How can I get more help?

Get in touch with our customer service team via email at online via chat at, or on the phone at 1300 YOMOJO (1300 966 656).

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